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AGROLAB Agrar und Umwelt GmbH - Kiel (Germany)

Dr.-Hell-Straße 6
24107 Kiel

Tel. +49 431 22138-500
Fax. +49 431 22138-598



The AGROLAB GROUP is extending its laboratory space in Kiel by an additional 2,500 m2 to reach a total of 9,000 m2. This means that Kiel is to become home to one of the biggest laboratory complexes in Germany. In this context, a separate branch for environmental analysis is also to open in addition to the LUFA-ITL in Suchsdorf, Kiel.

It is likely that the move to the new accommodation on Dr.-Hell-Straße 6 (hall 17/3) in the industrial park will take place in early April.

Our activities:

  • drinking
  • ground and waste water
  • sludge
  • contaminated and recyled material.