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Radiochemistry in food products

certificated lab to determine radioactivity in food

Our tests for radiactivity

AGROLAB has years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment for testing food products for radioactive isotopes. Starting with regular sample checks over mineral water testing for natural and artificial radionuclides, measurements for countries with import regulations, through to measurements in cases like Fukushima.

The AGROLAB approach to radiochemical analysis

As a rule, we use gamma spectrometry to measure the radiation emitted by radioisotopes. This includes caesium (Cs-134, Cs-137), and in acute situations further isotopes such as I-131. Furthermore, we can also determine beta emitters such as Strontium (Sr-90), as well as tritium (H-3) in water.

How samples are taken

Relatively large samples are required for radiochemical testing, which depending on the sample matrix and required limit of detection can be anything up to 5 kilograms/litre per sample. Our laboratory specialists can gladly provide you with advice.