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Our bath water analyses & services for you

We are happy to take care of the regular testing of bathing water according to DIN, small bathing ponds with biological purification, and bathing waters according to the EU Ordinance.
As a standard, you receive an automated diagnosis with a historical comparison. If required, AGROLAB takes care of the entire process control (input - purification - output - basin - residual water), all the way to expert system consultation before the construction of swimming facilities.

AGROLAB GROUP laboratories  offer all the requisite chemical and microbiological tests for pool water

At its laboratories in Plauen, Kiel, Eching and Fellbach, AGROLAB carries out testing on water from pools and baths as defined by German DIN 19643.


Aside from these analytical lab services, we can also provide the following:

  • Functional testing as per instruction sheet 65.04 of the German Pool Industry Association
  • Expert reports on fill water supplies, e.g. determination of trihalogen formation potential
  • Flocculation tests as per DVGW (German Technical & Scientific Association for Gas & Water) technical standard W 218

In addition, we provide analytical services and appraisals for water treatment in animal troughs.

Our services - your benefits

highlight any legal limits and reference values that may have been exceeded by including warnings in our report. On request, we can also issue warnings on water profiles that can cause concrete and metal to corrode.


Our services to you:

  • Protecting your swimmers from the transmission of diseases
  • Reliably fulfilling legal requirements
  • Correctly dispensing treatment chemicals and disinfectants
  • Controlling the quality of your poolside cleaning methods (hygiene contact test)