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Our sewage water analyses & services for you

Excellent analytical methods! Customers from the industrial sector trust AGROLAB with the testing of sewage water. For administration we are also responsible for statutory orders and monitoring the direct dischargers.

Comprehensive waste water analysis - here you can rely on the AGROLAB GROUP

  • Routine self-monitoring of communal or industrial waste water treatment facilities
  • Waste Water Ordinance and its annexes
  • Waste water charges
  • Water Resources Management Act
  • Biofilm testing to determine localised pollution from dischargers
  • Waste water monitoring programmes for all matters related to indirect discharger monitoring, determination of pollution load and functional testing of sewage works

All about the benefits of (mandatory) analysis

  • Regular analysis enables waste water charges to be considerably reduced.
  • Continual discharger monitoring, biofilm testing and inflow controls will enable you to promptly identify potential problems.
  • As a result, you will have a better professional basis upon which to make decisions, avoiding poor investments as well as costly failures.
  • Using our deadline and sampling service, you can reduce your outlay for mandatory analysis to a minimum.