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From Three to over Thousand Employees - Milestones in the Success Story of AGROLAB

As chief executive of AGROLAB, founded in 1986, Paul Wimmer's mission was clear: to make up for the lack of service orientation prevalent at the time in governmental laboratories. Today, the AGROLAB GROUP has branch offices all across Europe, offering customers highly dependable, timely analytical results with very good value for money.


  • AGROLAB Labor für landwirtschaftliche Untersuchungen GmbH in 85416 Oberhummel founded by five associates, with Dr Paul Wimmer as chief executive from the outset.


  • Foundation of AGROLAB Boden- und Pflanzenberatungsdienst GmbH, Oberdorla (Thuringia)


  • Appointment of two sales representatives covering northern and western Germany


  • Acquisition of the laboratory for water and pollutant analysis Dr.Blasy - Dr.Busse GmbH in Eching am Ammersee (Bavaria), including the Dr.Blasy - Dr.Busse GmbH laboratory in Chemnitz.
  • Since 1995, the holding company of AGROLAB Gesellschaft für Dienstleistungen in Landwirtschaft und Umwelt GmbH (agricultural and environmental services) has coordinated the individual, independent lab sites, presenting customers with a harmonised AGROLAB image.


  • Establishment of ZfD (Zentrum für Dioxinanalytik GmbH) in Bayreuth; a joint laboratory of AGROLAB, Fresenius and Ökometrik
  • Reorientation of the Dr.Blasy & Dr. Busse lab for service and performance leadership in Bavaria, expansion of AGROLAB LIMS to the environmental sector.


  • Acquisition of the Bodenuntersuchungsinstitut Koldingen GmbH (soil analysis) in Burgwedel near Hanover
  • Complete overhaul of the soil analysis institute in Koldingen with the latest technology and process management systems


  • Acquisition of the Austrian environmental lab, Dr. Axel Begert GmbH
  • Acquisition of the environmental lab, Analytik für Wasserchemie Vogtland GmbH (AWV) in Plauen (Saxony)
  • Incorporation of AllChem GmbH, Magdeburg, into the Koldingen institute
  • Acquisition of LUFA-ITL GmbH in Kiel
  • Expansion of AGROLAB LIMS to the food/feed sector, extension of AGROLAB sales to the whole of Germany


  • Incorporation of the city lab in Kiel into the LUFA-ITL site, Kiel


  • Shareholding in Tauw-Laboratory C.V. (contract and contaminated waste laboratory, Netherlands)
  • Incorporation of the FULA GmbH lab in Emstek into LUFA-ITL GmbH in Kiel


  • Acquisition and change in name of Tauw-Laboratory C.V. to AL-West B.V., introduction of complete process management using AGROLAB LIMS, introduction of computer-assisted communications
  • Foundation of the Agrolab branch office in Dijon, France; sales activities in France, Belgium, Holland and Spain
  • Acquisition of the Stuttgart lab of wave GmbH by Agrolab Labor GmbH


  • LUFA-ITL GmbH relocated from Gutenbergstraße 75-77 to Dr.-Hell-Str. 6 in the Kiel district of Suchsdorf
  • AGROLAB Labor GmbH and AGROLAB GmbH relocated from Oberhummel to new premises in Bruckberg
  • Institut Koldingen GmbH relocated from Burgwedel to Sarstedt
  • Acquisition of site for AGROLAB Ltd in Turkey by purchasing the Tetralab laboratory in Istanbul
  • Incorporation of the Innolab laboratory, Harburg into Agrolab Labor GmbH in Bruckberg
  • Cooperation with the Spanish laboratory VIDAL in Tarragona
  • Incorporation of the Orgalab laboratory, Zirndorf into Agrolab Labor GmbH in Bruckberg


  • Acquisition of the Polish EUROCONTROL lab in Warsaw/Deblin, development of a sales organisation in Poland


  • Acquisition of the Spanish lab group, Laboratorios Vidal
  • Foundation of the AL-North branch office in Tommerup, Denmark


  • Award - AGROLAB receives the Bayern's Best 50 award
  • Incorporation of the GEOCHEM laboratory, Karlsruhe into Agrolab Labor GmbH in Bruckberg
  • Incorporation of the Belgian laboratory, Labo van Vooren, Zelzate, into ALWest in Deventer
  • AGROLAB customer portal (ALOORA) first launched


  • AGROLAB receives the Bayern's Best 50 award for the second time
  • Award MSG Top 100


  • Award - AGROLAB receives the Europe's 500 award
  • Acquisition of the Dr. Verwey lab in Rotterdam
  • Award MSG Top 100


  • AGROLAB receives the Bayern's Best 50 award for the third time and so is no longer eligible for the competition in the future
  • Construction of the Dr. Begert GmbH laboratory, relocation from Bachmanning to Meggenhofen and change in name to AGROLAB Austria GmbH
  • Acquisition of the analytical division of UTC Umweltlabor GmbH, Pischelsdorf in Styria and incorporation into AGROLAB Austria GmbH
  • Construction of new AL-West laboratory in Deventer
  • Reconstruction of "Blasy-Busse" lab in Eching
  • Award MSG Top 100


  • Opening of the new laboratory AL-West
  • Award: Finalist - EY Entrepreneur Of the Year: Award of growth, innovation and social engagement
  • Award MSG Top 100


  • Purchase of the R&C Lab in Italy
  • Expansion Bruckberg: Therefore Bruckberg with a production and adminstration area of 7500m2 becomes Germans largest environmental laboratory
  • Best Business Award: Award for Sustainable Corporate Management
  • Gazelle 2014: AL-North receives award for huge growth
  • Award MSG Top 100: The AGROLAB GROUP is in the TOP 100 for the fifth time


  • Institut Koldingen is now called AGROLAB Agrar und Umwelt
  • EUROCONTROL under new name: AGROLAB Polska
  • New training center for laboratory assistant at LUFA-ITL
  • Completed expansion and relocation to the new premises in Bruckberg
  • Award: AGROLAB receives the Bayern‘s Best 50 award for the 4th time


  • Commissioning AGROLAB Agrar und Umwelt GmbH in Kiel: Separation of the matrices food and environment
  • Expansion Deblin (Poland) and Altavilla Vicentina (Italy)
  • Construction of the new agricultural centre in Leinefelde
  • Award: MSG TOP 100
  • Award: Finalist - EY Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Award: Grand Prix of the middle class


  • Opening of the laboratory "AGROLAB Agrarzentrum GmbH" in Leinefelde. Incorporation of the sites Oberhummel, Oberdorla and Gillersheim into the new laboratory
  • Acquisition of the Austrian environmental laboratory "GfA - Gesellschaft für Analytische Chemie GmbH" and incorporation into AGROLAB Austria GmbH
  • Takeover of the laboratory work of "Watrix"
  • Award: Finalist Entrepreneur of the Year by EY
  • Award: Germany's best jobs with a future (Deutschlands beste Jobs mit Zukunft) - Focus distinguishes AGROLAB