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In August 2018, GMP+ published the new appendix GMP+ BA7 as a supplement to the previous requirements. Our AGROLAB GROUP laboratories, acknowledged by the GMP+, will support you in the quality assurance of your oils, fats and their by-products.

In August 2018, GMP+ published the new “GMP+ MI 105 GMO Controlled” standard. This is part of the Feed Responsibility Assurance module and offers businesses in the animal feed chain the opportunity to respond to the growing demand for non-GMO animal feed.

AGROLAB Italia wants to introduce you to his group of Leaders.

AGROLAB Italia has a great experience in qualitative and quantitative analysis of GMO events in food and feed with the PCR technique. The list of GMO was extended with Maize DAS-40278-9, Soya CV127, Soya DP-305423, Soya MON87708, Soya MON87769.

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The EU Court of Justice has ruled that plants and animals created using novel genome editing methods like CRISPR/Cas9 will be classed as genetically modified organisms and therefore have to follow the strict EU guidelines for GMOs.

Our laboratory AGROLAB Italia announced having successfully passed the latest BNN proficiency test for its pesticide residue screening for ecologically products for the several new methods.

For the 5th time AGROLAB features in Bayerns Best 50. This is the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ way of honouring companies with an above-average growth in turnover and workforce.