Your labs. Your service.
Your labs. Your service.
  • AGROLAB? We'd recommend them every time! A particular highlight is the large-scale project Stuttgart 21 - Securing Evidence Phase 1, during which AGROLAB analysed a large number of samples of ground water as well as solid matter between 2003 and 2013.

  • Our project, namely Demolition and Remediation of the former Sheridan Barracks in Augsburg, was supported over a period of eight years by AGROLAB, who analysed a large number of samples of ground water and solid matter - always to our utmost satisfaction. We have already managed a diverse range of projects together in the areas of exploring contaminated waste and securing evidence. All of these activities were completed on time and within budget.
    GBS Dr. Schölf, Augsburg

  • Our latest project, Stuttgart 21 - Securing Evidence Phase 2, is the logical continuation of our previous successful collaboration. In addition to the constantly good quality of their work and impeccable professional support, we should also mention the innovative computerised concepts that AGROLAB helped us to develop and enhance.
    IGI CONSULT, Westheim

  • I'm very happy with the sludge testing carried out by AGROLAB. Sending the samples with DHL parcel labels and boxes is really straightforward. The test reports are fast, and above all a professional declaration in line with the Fertiliser Ordinance is included. I also like the fact that my contact in Hessen always has a sympathetic ear for technical questions if an issue has arisen with one of the treatment facilities.

  • We have been working with AGROLAB GROUP for more than ten years in agrarian analysis. When selecting a potential lab partner, our main criteria was a service that is fast, smooth and cost-effective.

  • In a renowned global industrial group.s major project, between 2008 and 2010 we had AGROLAB examine samples of the soil, mineral waste, groundwater/leachate and soil air matrix for various chemical parameters and pollutants of relevance to the environment. The total project area tested was well over 10 hectares. AGROLAB never failed to come up to our expectations regarding quality and technical advice, punctuality and sample logistics to our complete satisfaction.
    INTERGEO Augsburg GmbH

  • We can always rely on the AGROLAB GROUP. They have been a dependable partner to us for many years, offering efficient solutions on-site in the area of water, waste water and sewage sludge.

  • For the large number of Legionella tests to be carried out for our clients from the property sector we looked for a laboratory partner operating nationwide with a high level of laboratory, IT and process expertise. In AGROLAB we found exactly the right partner, and are delighted with the trusting, professional collaboration..
    Antonio Fischetti, ista Deutschland GmbH - Bereichsleiter Marketing & Business Development



Grand Prix of the middle class

AGROLAB GROUP is Bavarian winner of the competition for medium-sized enterprises "Grand Prix of the middle class" .

The 4,796 nominated companies of the competition are representing the socially committed growth elite of the German medium-sized enterprises. MORE

AGROLAB in Bayerns Best 50 (Bavaria’s Top 50)

AGROLAB is one of the 50 fastest growing companies in Bavaria, and in 2015 received the award for the fourth time already.

With the “Bayerns Best 50” business award, every year the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Media, Energy and Technology honours Bavarian companies that have achieved above-average growth in turnover and workforce in recent years. MORE

AGROLAB one of the TOP 100 SMEs

2014 MSG Award Top 100 for Agrolab AGROLAB features in the MSG TOP 100 for the 6th time, reaching the TOP 20 for the first time. In doing so, the company has proven its consistent performance which can be built on in the future. The Munich Strategy Group (MSG) and the daily newspaper “Die Welt” chose the rising stars for growth and profit in the medium-sized business sector. MORE



AGROLAB is one of Europe's best

Europe's 500 every year nominates the top European enterprises in terms of growth, acknowledging their outstanding performance in creating sustainable growth and jobs.

AGROLAB GROUP was amongst these companies in 2010. The award was ultimately presented to us on 3 February 2011 by former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder at a ceremony held in the European Parliament in Brussels.

AGROLAB ist Finalist bei EOY 2016

Enthusiastic entrepreneurship, innovative technologies and strong growth are just some of the attributes of the finalists for one of the most highly acclaimed business prizes in the whole of Germany. In recognition of his excellent work for the company, Dr. Paul Wimmer was presented with the coveted “Finalist Entrepreneur Of The Year” award for the AGROLAB GROUP. MORE

Gazelle 2014

Danish award for AgrolabAL-NORTH, member of the AGROLAB GROUP, receives award for huge growth. The term Gazelle has developed as synonym for growing business in Denmark. AGROLAB may call itself “Gazelle 2014”. MORE

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Landshuter/Straubinger Zeitung AGROLAB in Dänemark geehrt (de)
FyensStiftstidende AL-North karet til gazelle (dk)
LokalAvisen AL-North karet til Gazelle (dk)

Landbrugs-laboranter kåret som gazelle-virksomhed (dk)


Best Business Award 2014

Otto Wiesheu and Helmut DeschauerThe “Best Business Award for Sustainable Corporate Management” is a well established business award in the triangle of Bavaria, Austria and the Czech Republic. On 16 October 2014 the AGROLAB GROUP was awarded the 1st Prize in the category of “Companies with more than 100 Employees”. MORE